Art Direction + Strategy + Influencer Connection + Motion Graphics + Pattern Making + Screen Printing + Garment Creation
CHALLENGE: The goal of this project was to use my passion of underground music culture to connect with that community and create an authentic and successful clothing brand.
INSIGHT: Through research and social media listening three main connecting points emerged among the Gen Z community that shares this same music interest. First, they are creative, which means they appreciate DIY stories and are interested in appearing unique. Second, they prefer brands that involve them in the creation process and make them as consumers feel heard. Third, they rely mainly on social media influencers first and traditional celebrities second when researching and making style or purchasing decisions.
CONCEPT: Create a backstory and an aggressive visual style that draws from tattoo design, punk show flyers, and the discord between analog and digital technologies. Connect with smaller influencers within in the scene to hype the brand and create a sense of authenticity before the release. Connect with customers by documenting the process of creating clothing on forums like Reddit and Instagram groups both during and after releases.
Logo & Visual Style

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Owned Social Posts
Share posts documenting the process of printing garments and the progress of the brand.
Influencer Partnerships
Sponsored specific influencers within the community with clothing in return for Instagram posts.
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