Strategy + Illustration + Art Direction
PROBLEM: For years Bud Light has created ads that hyper-sexualize or simply misrepresent women. In effect, alienating them as a possible consumer.
INSIGHT: Bud Light is currently working on building transparency within the brand and focus on their authentic, natural ingredients.
CONCEPT: "Real Talk", let's celebrate the silly, honest, and sometimes stressful ways women manage to slay their way through the day!
Ask women to share some embarrassing honest truths about being a woman with the hashtag #RefreshinglyHonestBud
Turn these confessions into ads that connect with the target audience of young adult women.
Held at select bars across the country, Bud Light will host a night where women and their friends can participate in a "Never Have I Ever" style game featuring confessions live tweeted that night that are projected onto a screen. 
The game and tweets will then be available in an app and physical card form for people to take the fun with them back home or where ever they enjoy Bud Light.
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